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What is Strangefruits?
How can I submit my site?
The submit form won't accept my site?
How long does it take to review a site?
How the hell could you reject my site?
Why can I only submit a site once?
You rejected my site before, but now I have updated it and it's really good. What do I do?
I have updated my site, how can I get in touch?
You claim to be non-commercial, yet I have noticed some ads.
How can I contribute to strangefruits?

What is Strangefruits?
Strangefruits contains a hand-picked selection of creative, strange and amazing websites. Those that are both beautiful, innovative, functional and exceptionally well-designed. We focus on art & design sites.

How long does it take to review a site?
On average between 1 to 4 weeks.

How can I submit my site?
Strangely enough this is one of the most common questions: how about using the submit form (some people are just amazingly lazy).
But before you submit please remember that you can only submit your site ones, so make sure that your site is absolutely finished before you do (because otherwise it's just a wast of time).
And bear in mind that you can only submit top level domains (it's not possible to submit a subdirectory).

The submit form won't accept my site?
You can only submit top level domains. It's not possible to submit a subdirectory or specific page.

How the hell could you reject my site?!
All sites are hand-picked. We get lots and lots of submissions, and only a few make it in. To be featured a site has to be exceptional in both content and design.
Sites that look unfinished, with under construction pages, don't work well in Firefox, have poor navigation, crappy design, endless intro’s, double doorways, pop-ups (in any form), do not scale well, take forever to load, look abandoned, redirect to an other site, or do creepy things to a browser window will be rejected straight away.

Why can I only submit a site once?
We were fed up with people trying to submit their site over and over and over again, trying to get in. So we have added a little feature to prevent it ;-)
Once a year or so we will cleanup the back end system, what means that you can re-submit a website that has been rejected before. But please bear in mind that this is really useless unless your site has been restyled.

last cleanup: June 19 2008.

You rejected my site before, but now I have updated it and it's really good. What do I do?
Ones in a while (ones a year or so) we will clean up the backend system so that you could try again. Meanwhile just try one of the other sections.

I have updated my site, how can I get in touch?
Just use the update notification form and we will update your sites listing a.s.p.

How can I contribute to Strangefruits?
Well first of all by submitting good, no really amazing sites.

You claim to be non-commercial, yet I have noticed some ads. What’s up?
We are non-commercial, yet bills will have to get paid. A site like this costs a lot of money. It would be nice if at some point they will cover most of it. But bear in mind that non of the sites listed here paid for it.

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6 1 2016
strange and fascinating website celebrate Day of the Dead
with traditional Mexican face paint.
posted by: miss M.

6 1 2015
SF exists 15 years.
We have come a long way. We have seen the rize and fall of Flash. And the rize of Wordpress theme's.
To be honest we don't like them. In my humbly opinion Wordpress theme's single handedly eliminated most of the creativity on the web. But luckily it still exists. A lot of those sites you will find here.

Happy new year.
posted by: Miss M.

8 5 2014
We still build things the way machines read them - not the way we intuit them. Jeet allows you to express your page grid the same way a human would describe it. No more needlessly nesting elements. No more rigid twelve column rules. Enjoy building faster with less code, and more flexibility with Jeet.
posted by: miss M.

16 1 2014
Salone del Designer platform is a unique online platform where award winning product designs, architecture concepts, and packaging design ideas could be bought.
posted by: miss M.

16 1 2014
CoolWhisper is a Website that aggregates Fashion, Lifestyle and Art blogs, a recognized type of journalism practiced on the internet, whose contents are conveyed free of charge to the public
posted by: miss M.

6 1 2014
AnimatedVideos offers people an easy way to find amazing animated videos and connect with the companies that made them.
posted by: Miss M.

17 10 2013
Model maker and photographer Michael Paul Smith has expertly combined his two crafts to create a series of images that make his intricate model cars look like life-sized vehicles on the road. The result is just amazing.
posted by: miss M.

1 4 2013
Portfolio of Diego Vencato focuses is on the product design projects and the concept behind them.
posted by: miss M.

18 1 2013
Sharing unconventional wisdom with dumb people for common good.
posted by: miss M.

24 12 2012
Some old time favorites..

posted by: Miss M.

24 12 2012
Portfolio of Maurits Lagerweij.
posted by: miss M.

24 12 2012
Just a little personal something where I share thoughts, ideas and work from Romeo Umulisa.
posted by: miss M.

25 8 2012
We have removed 250 dead links and outdated sites. Enjoy!
posted by: strangefruits team

24 8 2012
Artsnapper is a iPhone app, a visual guide enabling you to discover, review and recommend art, while learning about your taste in art.
posted by: miss M.

17 8 2012
Interesting. The psychology of logo design.
posted by: miss M.

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